Cayenne EV to be part of Porsche's push towards more all-electric models by 2030

Back in July 2022, Porsche confirmed that they will be building a flagship electric SUV in the not-so-distant future. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume shared that the upcoming EV will have a sporty interpretation of an SUV and will be built at the company's Leipzig factory.

No other details about the upcoming electric flagship SUV have been revealed. However, Porsche recently confirmed that there will be another electric SUV coming soon. After much speculation and rumors, the Stuttgart-based automaker has confirmed that a Cayenne EV is on its way.

Yes, there will be an all-electric Porsche Cayenne image

During the company's annual press conference, Porsche announced said it wants to continue with its ambitious electrification strategy. The Macan EV is set to be available to customers in 2024 while the electric 718 is planned to be for the middle of the decade. It will then be followed by the all-electric Cayenne. Once revealed, the Cayenne EV (which will be available as the fourth generation model) will be part of the brand's push towards having more than 80% of its new vehicles as all-electric models by 2030.

But before it becomes available with zero emissions, Porsche said that for this year the Cayenne will be upgraded with three further-developed plug-in hybrids with longer ranges. The chassis, meanwhile, will have a wider breadth of abilities that are aimed to give the current Cayenne a more balanced on-road performance, long-distance comfort, and improved off-road capability.

Yes, there will be an all-electric Porsche Cayenne image

The Cayenne EV will slot below the brand's aforementioned flagship EV. No other details about the upcoming electric Cayenne have been revealed. However, we won't be surprised if the electric Cayenne will be more powerful than the Macan EV which is already capable of cranking out 603 PS and 1,000 Nm of torque.

With the all-electric Cayenne confirmed by Porsche, we will be keeping a close eye on possible leaks and new information about the zero-emissions SUV from Stuttgart.