Veloster N ETCR is Hyundai's first-ever electric race car

After the introduction of Formula E a few years back, we will soon see a new form of electric vehicle racing in the form of the electric touring car championship or ETCR. Cupra was the first to introduce their electric racer in the form of the e-Racer. Now, Hyundai will be joining the field with their newly revealed Veloster N ETCR, the brand's first-ever electric race car.

The Veloster N ETCR is based on the standard road-going Veloster N model. However, it has been modified extensively to meet the new ETCR regulations. Unlike the road-going version, Hyundai's new electric racer is rear-wheel drive and features a mid-mounted motor. More importantly, it also lacks a conventional internal-combustion engine.

Hyundai turns the Veloster N into an electric race car image

Designed and built at the company’s Alzenau headquarters, the Veloster N ETCR rocks a body kit similar to the Veloster N TCR racer with wide fenders, aggressive aero, and a massive rear wing. The biggest difference would be the front bumper which has a larger vent compared to the TCR car. It also sports a unique livery with lighting graphics to signify it's all-electric nature.

Hyundai is no stranger to the world of touring car racing. The Korean marque has several victories under its belt from both the i30 N TCR and the Veloster N TCR racer. In fact, they even won the 2018 WTCR drivers' championship and team championship. However, do remember that the upcoming ETCR series is the first of its kind. This means everyone will be starting from ground zero.

Hyundai turns the Veloster N into an electric race car image

Full testing of the Veloster N ETCR is set to commence later this year. Hyundai Motorsports will be building two Veloster N ETCR cars for the first ETCR season which will start in 2020.

“Today, we have experienced another special milestone in the history of Hyundai Motorsport. We are proud to reveal the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR, our first electric race car, designed specifically for ETCR regulations. We have been anticipating this moment for some time and we are thrilled to open this exciting new chapter for our company,” said Thomas Schemera, Head of Product Division and Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor.