Smell good, feel good with a small can of Sonax Car A/C Cleaner

Let's face it, your car encounters many odors throughout its life. That new car smell we always cherish will go away as we continue to use our cars through the years. What can replace those smells? Well if you don't regularly detail your car's interior or maintain its air-conditioning system, a wide array of unpleasant odors will make their home inside your car.

From smelly food, dirty/sweaty clothes, the faded scent of cigarette smoke, as well as the rare cases of mold growing on old unmaintained upholstery, these types of smells will surely not be pleasant. There's also the matter of bacteria or allergens that may build up over the years which could lead to allergic reactions or a malodorous cabin altogether.

Smell Good, Feel Good: Sonax A/C Car Cleaner image

Now imagine driving every day with a car that has a foul stench that won't go away. We can already tell that the experience will not be as enjoyable thanks to odors that permeate the interior. And should you happen to have companions along for the ride, let's just say that this might leave them unimpressed. Worse, some might remember you for having a car that smells foul. Now, do you want everyone to remember you for having a smelly car?

By now, you might have thought about removing the dashboard in order to rid the car of the bad smells, as well as giving the car's interior a thorough detail from top to bottom. But what if we told you there is a better, simpler alternative? We give you the Sonax Car A/C Cleaner. This small, unassuming can make will make all those bad odors go away, rid the cabin of any bacteria or mold, as well as leave a fragrant smell.

Smell Good, Feel Good: Sonax A/C Car Cleaner image

But how does this cleaning agent actually work?

Well, like what we said earlier, it doesn't involve disassembling your car's interior or dashboard. The first step in using this nifty A/C cleaner is by actually shaking the can. Next, start your car and set the A/C to cold and the fan speed at its highest level. Also, don't forget to switch the A/C's air circulation. Afterward, push both the front seats as far forward and have the backrests face down. 

Smell Good, Feel Good: Sonax A/C Car Cleaner image

Now comes the tricky part as you now have to activate the can's spray head and putting at the rear footwells. Once that's done, close all the windows and doors and let the can do its thing. During this process, you'll notice that the can is spraying the cleaning agent all over the car's interior via a fine mist. That means that the A/C cleaner is doing its job.

After the can has been fully emptied, open all the doors and windows of the car as you'll need to ventilate it for about 10 minutes. Once the car's interior has been fully cleared, a faint soapy/powdery scent is all the cleaning agent leaves behind inside the car. 

Smell Good, Feel Good: Sonax A/C Car Cleaner image

Now that's done, your car's air-conditioning system is now fresh as a daisy. But just how long do you have to have your A/C system cleaned again with Sonax's Car A/C Cleaner? Well, just like changing your oil every six months (or earlier), it's recommended to use it after every half a year (During this time, Sonax recommends to use it once a month, especially if it’s a car that is regularly used). And at just Php 580 for every can, it won't break the bank and will keep your car smelling fresh and free of unwanted odor-causing bacteria and molds.

The next time your car starts to have foul odors and scents that linger longer than usual, perhaps it's time to give that can of Sonax Car A/C Cleaner a good shake and let it 'clean' your car's air-conditioning thoroughly.