Seems like it's nearly everyday that we read or hear about road accidents caused by reckless drivers trying to test the laws of physics. Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte has announced that he will be implementing a nationwide speed limit on city roads to reduce the alarming incidents of reckless driving that have resulted in fatalities.

The proposed program was announced today, April 1, and is called 'SPEED DU30,' which stands for 'Drive Under 30 km/h'; all major thoroughfares nationwide will have a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h. Minor roads are being eyed to have an even lower speed limit to further discourage dangerous driving.

New 'SPEED DU30' signs that conform to international standards will be put in place with 30 day notices announced through newspaper, TV, radio and internet campaigns.

The proposed punishment for violators of the said program will be range from heavy fines to being tied up, butt-naked, in the middle of a park.

For the first offense, violators will be met with a fine of PhP 10,000, a suspension of their driver’s license for 6 months, and a safety driving seminar requirement of 120 hours.

For the second offense, violators will be meted a PhP 50,000 fine, one day community service, have their driver’s license suspended for 12 months, and are required to attend a safety driving seminar for 420 hours.

For the third offense, violators will be fined PhP 100,000, tied up butt-naked in the middle of a public park, and have their driver's license revoked indefinitely.

The presidential candidate expects heavier penalties once the death penalty is restored. He has suggested the maximum punishment of death for reckless drivers of public utility vehicles such as buses, jeepneys and taxis as they endanger the lives of their numerous passengers as well as other motorists and pedestrians.

He also reminded people driving sports cars or supercars that they will not be exempt from the rule of law, even if they have powerful connections. He warned that their cars may also be sequestered, driven, and crushed by authorities if they refuse to comply.

The SPEED DU30 program is incredibly strict and almost unbelievable, especially since it's April Fools.