It seems the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has a bit of a problem that was discovered today, April 1.

According to a low-level source in the LTO, a large batch of brand new license plates were delivered to their main office for distribution to registered motor vehicle owners; motorists that have been waiting for their release for over a year.

But the problem was immediately clear when LTO officers opened the container: the license plates were painted yellow... all of them.

Motorcycle plates, private vehicle plates, government plates and even diplomatic plates were all made with a yellow background. PUV operators and drivers said their new plates were not a problem for them.

"Ok lang yan bossing, takpan na lang namin ng masking tape yung mga letra sa baba ng plaka [That's ok sir, we'll just cover the letters at the bottom with masking tape],” said one PUV driver.

The letters he was referring to were DAANG MATUWID which somehow replaced the Region Number on the plate.

Being yellow plates, it comes with the benefit that all motorists who have the plates can now use the yellow lane on EDSA and exemptions from the number coding scheme.

Our source within the LTO also said the plates also came with a popular new comic book bundled within the plastic packaging, which the low-level employee said is a good match for the plates, regardless if it's April Fool's or not.