In a bid to regain the public’s trust, as well as improve its degrading public image, the Land Transportation Office announced it will release special edition 2016 registration stickers.

Instead of the standard 2016 registration stickers, those renewing their vehicle registration can avail of special edition stickers for an additional P400 on top of the P50 sticker fee. The additional P400 will go toward paying for the fines accrued by the plates abandoned by the LTO’s supplier at the Manila port.

The stickers will come in 6 officially licensed Sanrio designs, namely: Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, Tuxedo Sam, and Badtz-Maru. The stickers feature the famed Sanrio characters with a special hologram design to prevent unauthorized tampering or duplication. Unlike the conventional registration sticker, these special edition stickers can be stuck on the rear windshield. The LTO is also encouraging motorists to keep the stickers even after the registration year by allowing them to choose another design from the set for the next year. This was conceived to spot delinquent vehicle registrations and expedite the levying of appropriate fines. There’s a special incentive for those that manage to complete and stick all six characters. Motorists that complete the set will be able to apply for a special Fast Track moving violation Way-out (FTW) indicator.

The Fast Track moving violation Way-out grants the vehicle it is attached to the perk of no-contact apprehension for any moving violations. If flagged down by a traffic officer, offending vehicles only need to slow down for the apprehending officer to verify that a FTW indicator is installed and will note down the vehicle’s plate number. The vehicle’s details, as well as its owner's contact details, will be obtained and stored in a database after supplied during the application process for a FTW indicator.

Rikkuma plush toy

The FTW indicator takes the form of an officially licensed Rikkuma car plush toy. It can be attached to any window by means of suction cups in its feet.

To expedite distribution and acquisition of the 2016 special edition registration stickers, the LTO has deputized satellite offices to process vehicle registration sticker claims. The special edition 2016 registration stickers and FTW indicators can be acquired at all Gift Gate outlets nationwide upon presentation of their LTO registration renewal receipt.

“With these special edition stickers and indicators, we hope the public will begin to look kindly on the LTO and its past transgressions. These innovations not only feature high-tech security features, but also serve as attractive vehicle accessories,” said Primitivo Siste, Ma., PR Director for LTO.

The special edition stickers and FTW indicators are valid for 364 days a year, save for April 1, also known as April Fool’s Day.