Seeing a police car in your rear view mirror will probably give you one of the worst feelings ever. Now, imagine seeing a Nissan GT-R police vehicle in your mirrors. You probably should pull over and do not even bother trying to out run it. And thanks to Nissan, they have just built exactly that, a Nissan GT-R police pursuit vehicle.

Officially called Police Pursuit #23, it is an MY17 Nissan GT-R that has been given the full police treatment for the fictional Skyline Metro Police Department. Keen readers would probably have spotted the play on words and the reason for the #23 already (23 being pronounced as NI-SAN in Japanese).

'Copzilla,' Nissan's GT-R police pursuit vehicle

The exterior has been given a flat black coat of paint and is accented with gold stripes, and proper police lights. Towards the front, there is a police style bull bar/nudge bar that is fitted with more blue and red LED lights along with a scrolling LED bar. Meanwhile at the back, the stock wing has been replaced with a GT wing secrued from the roof with further reinforncements at the trunk by a cross brace. Completing the police theme are the “Skyline Metro” badges found on the hood and door panels.

Under the hood, Copzilla retains the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo VR38 V6 engine which produces 573 PS and 635 Nm of torque. Adjustable coilovers have been added to lower the height of the car along with giving it a more stanced look. To mimic that of old steel police cruiser wheels, the stock wheels have been replaced with 22-inch flat dish wheels – complete with spikes – to match the personality of the car.

'Copzilla,' Nissan's GT-R police pursuit vehicle

Copzilla can officially be seen at the New York Auto Show along with Nissan's new GT-R Track Edition and the 370Z Hertiage Edition.