Here's what you need to know about the 2021 Suzuki Vitara AllGrip

A few days ago, Suzuki Philippines officially confirmed that an all-wheel-drive version of the Vitara will be launched this week. It’s called the AllGrip, and it will serve as the new top-of-the-line offering of Suzuki’s B-segment crossover.

Despite having all-wheel drive, the Vitara still looks the same as its two-wheel-drive counterpart. From its sleek LED headlights, two-bar chrome front grille, chrome door handles, and two-tone exterior paint, the Vitara AllGrip looks as sleek as the GLX. Perhaps the only telltale sign that this Vitara comes with all-wheel-drive is the ‘AllGrip’ badges placed on the exterior of the vehicle.

All-wheel-drive Suzuki AllGrip starts at PHP 1.458M (DRAFT) image

Like the GLX, the AllGrip is powered by a 1.6-liter M16A inline-four. It continues to make 115 PS, along with 156 Nm of torque. Don’t expect to find a manual gearbox here as the AllGrip is also connected to a six-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters.

As mentioned before, this particular Vitara now comes with AllGrip. Unlike a typical all-wheel-drive system, this one has four modes to choose from. There’s Auto which sets the drivetrain to just 2WD and only sends power to the rear wheels when it senses the front tires slipping. Next is Sport Mode which sets the traction control system to intervene less for faster acceleration and quicker turning.

After that comes Snow Mode which delivers a 50:50 torque split between the front and rear axles. This allows for easier driving on slippery and uneven road surfaces. Lastly is Lock Mode where torque is distributed evenly across all four wheels. More importantly, the system applies the brakes to the tires that are spinning and sends all available power to tires that are gripping.

All-wheel-drive Suzuki AllGrip starts at PHP 1.458M (DRAFT) image

So we now know some of its specs and features, but what about its price? According to Suzuki, the all-wheel-drive version starts at PHP 1,458,000. This makes the AllGrip version cost PHP 300,000 more than the GLX. Opt for the two-tone exterior paint, and the Vitara AllGrip will retail for PHP 1,468,000. Pretty pricey when you compare it to its closest competitors which usually top out just over PHP 1million, but those are mostly just front-wheel drive.

But when you compare it to the likes of the Subaru XV, the Vitara AllGrip is actually cheaper by several thousand Pesos.

All-wheel-drive Suzuki AllGrip starts at PHP 1.458M (DRAFT) image

If you don’t mind paying extra for an all-wheel-drive system and you occasionally go off the beaten path, the Vitara AllGrip could be the crossover you need for going on and off-road.