Nissan Frontier goes all boxy for 2022

For decades, the Nissan Navara and Frontier were essentially rebadged versions of each other. But things are a little different this time around. That's because Nissan decided to give the latter a unique design for better distinction.

While 2022 Frontier shares the same frame as the previous Navara, it's several millimeters longer than the latter. The Frontier measures 5,339 mm while the Navara is at 5,255 mm, a significant difference of 84 mm (3.3 inches). The Frontier is also available in long-wheelbase form, stretching it to a whopping 5,692 mm. For reference, the extended-length Frontier is even longer than the Expedition EL by 56 mm (2.2 inches).

2022 Nissan Frontier looks nothing like a rebadged Navara image

As for the design, it shares no panels from the Navara. The Frontier boasts a squared-off front end with cues from its much larger sibling, the Titan. Its hood is also flatter and the fender flares are more pronounced. More Titan cues are seen at the rear with its uniquely-shaped tail lights, and the rear windshield comes with a sliding window. The door skins are different from its smaller brother, and the windshield is more upright.

2022 Nissan Frontier looks nothing like a rebadged Navara image

Like the exterior, the all-new Frontier's interior has nothing in common with the Navara. The dashboard is flat with a wide fascia. Also, the center stack has a wide 9.0-inch touchscreen (8.0-inches in lower-spec variants) flanked by a pair of vertical air-conditioning vents. Nissan upgraded the instrument cluster by giving it a larger multi-information display. However, it still retains a pair of analog gauges, namely the tachometer and speedometer. Opt for the Pro-4X model and it gets red highlights throughout the cabin.

You won't find a turbodiesel under the hood of the redesigned Frontier. Instead, it uses a gas-fed 3.8-liter V6 engine that's good for 310 PS and 381 Nm of torque. Sadly, the new Frontier is no longer available with a manual transmission. The only transmission offered is a nine-speed automatic.

2022 Nissan Frontier looks nothing like a rebadged Navara image

Even though the Frontier is aimed at the Ford Ranger in the U.S, it's unlikely that we'll ever get this version of Nissan's pick-up. After all, it will be redundant here since we already have the Navara. Still, a 310 PS, V6-powered, Navara-sized pick-up sure sounds appealing.