Key features of Toyota's new little crossover

Judging by the reaction from you, our readers, the Raize is easily going to be the next big thing for Toyota in the Philippine market. Toyota has been absent in this market segment and was missing out on the popularity of small affordable crossovers.

Last week when the prices of the Raize leaked, even we were surprised with the pricing strategy. The Raize will start at PHP 746,000 for the base 1.2 E 5-MT variant, followed by the 1.2 E CVT at PHP 816,000, the 1.2 G CVT at PHP 906,000, and the top of the line 1.0 Turbo CVT at PHP 1,031,000. You can add PHP 5,000 to the Turbo to get the White Pearl option.

Needless to say, the pricing is attractive, and so are the colors. But what was largely unavailable at the time were the general features and specifications of the vehicle. And that's what we've got for you now. Let's go through it based on the grade of the Toyota Raize.

Oh, and by the way, the pronunciation is reyz not rize.

2022 Toyota Raize: All the features, specs of PH variants image

General Specifications

The Raize is a 5-door, 5-seater crossover that utilizes the DNGA-A platform. The reason it's not a TNGA platform is that this is a vehicle made by Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu in Indonesia, and it will be imported from there.

The dimensions of the Philippine spec models is (L x W x H) 4030mm x 1710mm x 1605mm. The key here is the ground clearance: Toyota says the Raize has 200mm of ground clearance at its lowest point on the undercarriage.

The mechanical specs for all models are identical such as the front-wheel-drive layout. It has a MacPherson strut front suspension and a typical torsion beam rear suspension. Front brakes are discs, while the rear has drums; Toyota's product planners justified this decision by citing that the vehicle is light and thus did not require a more powerful all-disc brake set up. There was no mention of ABS or stability control, but we expect ABS to be standard along with stability control.

2022 Toyota Raize: All the features, specs of PH variants image

Engine choices include the 1.2-liter three-cylinder with the engine code WA-VE. It has 88 PS and 113 Nm of torque. It can be paired to either a CVT or a 5-speed manual.

The other engine option is the more interesting one as it is a 1.0L three-cylinder turbo with engine code 1KR-VET bolted onto a CVT. From what we've been told, Toyota's product planners say the common complaints about the smaller three-cylinder turbo engines have been addressed such as vibrations and low power. We'll reserve our judgment on that when we drive it.

2022 Toyota Raize: All the features, specs of PH variants image

For drinks, the Raize gets pull-out cupholders in front of the A/C vents for the driver and front passenger. Both front door pockets can hold two water bottles each, along with one bottle holder for the rear doors. There are also a variety of storage options around the cabin like pockets and stuff, but the interesting one here is the pull-out tray underneath the front passenger seat which is good for shoes and the like.

The cargo space is something Toyota will be highlighting with the Raize. With the rear seats up, Toyota says the Raize has a 369-liter cargo area. Space from the tailgate to the rear seat is 755mm (about 30”) while the max width is 1000mm (about 39”). Last but not least is the height which is 865mm (about 34”) to the ceiling. The seats can be folded flat, but no mention was made of the maximum cargo length if the seat was folded down.

Raize 1.2 E CVT and MT

The E versions of the Raize are effectively the entry versions of the bunch, but the features do not imply base or budget at all.

2022 Toyota Raize: All the features, specs of PH variants image

The E gets halogen headlamps with front foglights and LED taillights. The door handles are color-matched to the body although the rear only has a plain black trim. Both front fenders will have a Dual VVT-i emblem on them. The side mirrors are power-adjustable. 16-inch alloy wheels are standard, and even the spare tire is also the same design and not a space saver.

The Raize E will have a more classic dual analog instrument cluster (speedometer, tachometer) with a multi-info display in the middle for the fuel economy, fuel level, shifter position, and more. The audio system of the E is an 8-inch touchscreen with 4 speakers, USB input, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. A push-button airconditioning panel sits just below the central A/C vents.

2022 Toyota Raize: All the features, specs of PH variants image

The steering wheel is urethane and has audio controls on the left spoke. For the CVT version, the gear selector is the PRND type and has a manual +/- gate if you push it towards the passenger side. The upholstery is fabric.

Raize 1.2 G CVT

The Raize G grade steps up from the E grade by replacing the halogen headlamps with split-type LED headlamps. The door handles are chrome, and the rear garnish is now piano black. The wheels are the same 16-inch rollers as on the E.

The mirrors are also of the auto fold variety, meaning when you lock the car the mirrors tuck themselves in. Also, this version gets the smart key with push-button ignition; the E grade has a classic-style key.

2022 Toyota Raize: All the features, specs of PH variants image

The G gets a fully digital instrument cluster with a neat opening animation. The digital cluster has the tacho on the left and a digital speed readout on the right along with an analog clock in the middle. The steering wheel is also leather and has buttons on either side of the wheel including a panel to control the digital cluster. The steering wheel also gets an upgrade from urethane to leather.

Another major upgrade is the automatic climate control system. The audio system is the same 8-inch touchscreen but now has 6 speakers instead of 4.

Raize 1.0 Turbo CVT

When Toyota launches the Raize, it will be their first mass-market three-cylinder gasoline turbo in the Philippines. Yes, they do have the GR Yaris, but we can't exactly call that a mass-market Toyota.

2022 Toyota Raize: All the features, specs of PH variants image

On the outside, the differences are clear. For one, the Turbo will have the two-tone look with a black roof to contrast with the three color options: Turquoise, Yellow, and Pearl White for an extra PHP 5k on the SRP. The wheels are also larger at 17-inches with a two-tone look as well.  And just so others know this isn't naturally aspirated, Toyota replaced the Dual VVT-i emblems on the fenders for Turbo emblems.

Inside, the trim has changed to a brushed silver set. This one also gets a digital cluster with a customizable display (e.g. your own welcome message). The steering wheel is just like the one on the G, but now it gets paddles so you can shift without taking your right hand off the wheel.

2022 Toyota Raize: All the features, specs of PH variants image

Perhaps the biggest upgrade is the larger 9-inch touchscreen that fills up the space better, and it also has Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This one also gets climate control (as expected) as well as leather (leatherette) upholstery with contrast stitching.

Expect more details about the Raize to, uh, rise up in the coming weeks as the model is slated for launch sometime next month.