Last year, lawyers representing Ford appeared to have accidentally confirmed that the all-new Ranger is on its way. This all started when images of what looked to be the next-generation pick-up truck were published by Australian publication Wheels. Despite the badges being obscured, it's quite apparent that the pick-up truck revealed back in February 2019 does appear similar to what Ford has been designing recently.

Now, Volkswagen has just released the design sketch of the all-new Amarok, and it looks eerily similar to what Ford designed for the supposed next-generation Ranger.

Why did we come to this conclusion? For those not in the know, Ford and Volkswagen officially teamed up to build light commercial vehicles (LCVs). One of the vehicles that the two will develop is a pick-up truck. Perhaps what we're seeing right now is the result between Ford and Volkswagen's collaboration.

2022 Volkswagen Amarok looks lean and mean in sketch form image

Based on the sketch, the all-new Amarok gets a more muscular appearance along with a front fascia design reminiscent of the Atlas Tanaok pick-up concept. It also has a bulging hood, an aggressive-styled front bumper, and chunky fender flares. However, these might just have been deliberately done for the teaser sketch as a way of enticing potential customers.

Other details regarding the pick-up truck have yet to surface, including its powertrain. However, we will not be surprised if it will get its power from a new TDI engine instead of Ford's EcoBlue line of turbo-diesels.

With the vehicle itself set to be released sometime in 2022, it will be a long wait before Volkswagen (and maybe Ford) officially reveal the all-new pick-up truck. Let's just hope that the new Amarok will look as wicked as the one they sketched