Toyota's original sports car gets a price bump

Toyota Motor Philippines is making its final arrangements and preparations for the launch of the second-generation 86. Actually, the model has been formally adopted by their Gazoo Racing performance brand and officially dubbed the GR86.

The launch of the GR86 comes just a little over 10 years since the first-gen model (not counting the AE86, of course) was launched in 2012 at the Subic International Airport. Just like the new generation Subaru BRZ that we reviewed, the new generation GR86 will have quite a few improvements like the stiffer monocoque, improved suspension, enhanced brakes, a larger and more powerful 2.4L engine (finally), and more.

Toyota GR 86 starts at . . . image

While Toyota has given a preview of the model at an event last month, they never officially announced the variants and prices. And now we have them... albeit not through official channels.

Like with the previous generation, Toyota will have two spec levels: the GR86 2.4L with the 6-speed manual transmission, as well as the GR86 2.4L with the 6-speed automatic transmission. What Toyota will be doing though, is have different premium color options. Below are the prices:

Toyota GR 86 starts at . . . image

2023 GR86 2.4L 6-M/T - PHP 2,328,000

2023 GR86 2.4L 6-M/T “PC2” - PHP 2,343,000

2023 GR86 2.4L 6-M/T “PC1” - PHP 2,348,000

2023 GR86 2.4L 6-A/T - PHP 2,499,000

2023 GR86 2.4L 6-A/T “PC2” - PHP 2,514,000

2023 GR86 2.4L 6-A/T “PC1” - PHP 2,519,000

Toyota GR 86 starts at . . . image

From what we can tell, only the color options changed (PC for paint color?) as the GR86 follows the Toyota model strategy of adding PHP 15,000 to the price of the pearly white. However, what's unusual is that there is another higher color option which is PHP 20,000 more than the base 2.4L M/T or A/T models.

Toyota GR 86 starts at . . . image

What the color options actually are and what the exact features the model will have is still very much unclear, but what we can spot is that the GR86 is priced significantly more than the outgoing models. The manual variants are PHP 242,000 more than the outgoing equivalents, while the automatic models are PHP 313,000 more than the 86 counterpart.

The good news? The GR86 is priced so much less than the BRZ. The manual version of the Subaru is at PHP 2,519,000 which is PHP 191,000 more than the equivalent GR86 M/T, while the automatic BRZ is at PHP 2,619,000 which is PHP 120,000 more than the Toyota counterpart.