The electrified next-gen Ranger is coming

When Ford launched the current T6.2 Ranger (or the next-gen Ranger) back in 2022, it was clear that the pick-up truck grew bigger in almost every dimension. It became wider, and longer. Particularly, the front wheels were moved forward and outward by 2 inches to make the engine bay bigger.

One of the purposes became clear when Ford introduced a bigger V6 engine for the next-generation Ranger Raptor. But now the other reason is about to be revealed: Ford is launching an electrified T6.2 Ranger pick-up truck.

2024 Ford Ranger hybrid will debut on September 19 image

As to when, well Ford won't keep us waiting any longer; they will introduce it tomorrow, September 19.

The details are still very much unclear if the Ranger will feature a mild hybrid, an HEV, or a plug-in hybrid system. But what we'd take from Ford's teaser videos in X (formerly known as Twitter) is that the Ranger will have the “Best of both worlds”. In automotive terms, this normally means a combination of an ICE and an electric motor for propulsion.

Ford's regional accounts in Australia, the UK and other countries in Europe have all shared similar teaser videos of the Ranger hybrid on their respective pages. However, ASEAN countries such as Thailand and the Philippines are yet to show the teaser which suggests Europe and Australia could be the markets that would get first dibs of the electrified pick-up truck.