High-end police vehicles are nothing new in various parts of the world. We have various Japanese 90’s sports cars becoming part of the Tokyo police force, and more recently a Nissan GTR. There’s also Dubai’s astounding fleet of exotics that remind everyone they can be caught no matter how high their horsepower. The German Polizei however aren’t known for such antics, mostly sticking to functional vehicles like the BMW 3-series Estate. It appears that the folks from AC Schnitzer have noticed this lack of flair and decided to do something about it – by creating a police interceptor version of the BMW i8.

 AC Schnitzer arms German police with a BMW i8

Part of the TUNE IT! SAFE! campaign of the Association of German Automobile Tuners e.V. (VDAT), the AC Schnitzer BMW i8 is an on-going tradition since 2005 wherein a special police concept vehicle is being presented every year at the Essen Motor Show. Considering that the german outfit is known for beefing up a bone-stock BMW, this particular i8 is not your run-of-the-mill electric sports coupe.

AC Schnitzer took to improving the aesthetics of the i8 beyond the signature neon yellow/blue police scheme. For starters the car has been lowered by 20mm to improve center of gravity for quick cornering. A set of AC1 lightweight wheels reduce unsprung weight by 4.4kg per wheel to further improve driving feel. Aero consists of a wraparound carbon fiber kit, front and side wings, and bonnet top. A new rear wing and rear diffuser finishes the overall aggressive look of the Polizei i8.

So, you think our local police can use a supercar apart from getting modified offroaders?