2024 Honda CR-V gets free subscription to Honda Connect for a limited time

If there’s one thing Honda is adamant about in its vehicles, it’s providing extra peace of mind for customers. The all-new CR-V is no different as it’s loaded to the brim with intelligent safety systems like Honda Sensing as well as the newly-introduced Honda Connect.

While Honda Sensing provides active smart driver aids on the road, Honda Connect gives owners additional intelligent features that can help owners locate their vehicle, monitor its health/service intervals, remotely control certain features, and contact emergency services or 24/7 roadside assistance when it’s needed.

With a wide range of features available for customers, it’s not surprising Honda Cars PH Inc (HCPI) will be charging extra for it for interested customers. So imagine our surprise that the automaker is actually offering Honda Connect for free for a limited time.

All 2024 CR-V models get free 3-yr subscription to Honda Connect image

During the launch of the 2024 Honda CR-V, we asked HCPI General Manager Atty. Louie Soriano, how much customers will have to pay to get the additional services? The executive actually mentioned that for the first three years, Honda Connect will come as standard for free.

“Regarding its availability, the CR-V has a three-year free subscription to Honda Connect,” declared Soriano.

This is good news for customers who plan to get the 2024 CR-V. They won’t have to shell out additional money to use the advanced features of Honda Connect. However, Soriano did mention that after the first three years, customers who wish to continue using it will have to pay for its subscription thereafter. The exact pricing after the first three years of free use is not yet available as Soriano mentioned that they are still discussing the pricing strategy for it.

All 2024 CR-V models get free 3-yr subscription to Honda Connect image

The executive also mentioned that a basic version of Honda Connect is already available for mobile users. While it doesn’t have the intelligent features that will be available to customers who get the 2024 CR-V, Soriano said that it has other available features like a dealer locator, the latest Honda PH news, as well as available promos and deals.

If you’re in the market to get a 2024 Honda CR-V, you’ll be happy to know that the all-new crossover comes with free Honda Connect for the first three years.