After a long hiatus, the BMW M5 Touring set to make its comeback

When BMW distributor SMC Asia Cars officially brought the M3 Touring to the Philippines, those that prefer their M3 with a long roof can now get one without having to resort only to the four-door sedan. This marks the first time that the M3 is officially available as a wagon.

But even before BMW came out with the M3 Touring, the Bavarian automaker has long been making the M5 Touring. The first iteration of the M5 Touring came out in the inline-six-powered E34 generation and was then followed by the V10-powered E61. Afterward, the succeeding F10 and F90 M5s were only available as a sedan.

All-new BMW M5 Touring confirmed for 2024 image

Come 2024, however, BMW will officially be bringing back the M5 Touring. This was confirmed by the automaker themselves which also released several teaser images of the soon-to-be-revealed high-performance wagon. It will join the sedan version and will come with a partially electrified drivetrain - much like the regular next-gen 5 Series which was revealed recently. No exact specifications have been revealed just yet although it could still come with a twin-turbo V8.

But unlike the outgoing F90 which makes 625 PS in its most powerful version, the next-generation M5 could make over 700 PS or more. With power electric motors set to help make the all-new M5 Touring generate more power, we won't be surprised if the wagon will hit those rumored output numbers.

All-new BMW M5 Touring confirmed for 2024 image

Testing of the first prototypes of the M5 Touring is set to begin in the next few days in both urban traffic as well as the open road around Munich and at BMW M GmbH's headquarters in Garching. In addition, BMW M will also be busy at the Nurburgring testing the all-new M5 Touring.

With 2024 still several months away, all we can do for now is patiently wait for BMW to reveal new details leading up to the launch of the all-new M5 Touring.