Hotline for reporting road rage cases sought by LTO

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) plans to set up a hotline where motorists and other road users can report cases of road rage.

According to LTO Chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II, citizens no longer need to wait for road rage videos to go viral on social media and instead, they can report directly to LTO so that the agency can swiftly take action against these drivers with anger management issues.

Anti-Road Rage Law sought

With the recent videos of drivers with anger management issues that had gone viral, the LTO has sought an Anti-Road Rage Law, which, according to the agency, will give them more teeth in penalizing hot-headed drivers.

Also earlier in September, Representatives Erwin Tulfo, Edvic Yap, Jocelyn Tulfo, Eric Yap, and Ralph Tulfo co-authored House Bill (HB) 8991 or the Anti-Road Rage Bill. If this bill becomes a law, road rage incidents will be punishable by up to PHP 500,000.00, including imprisonment.

The bill also gives power to the government, through the appropriate legal and law enforcement agency, to prosecute and continue with the filing of criminal cases against the offending party on behalf of the victim(s).