Patent images of the supposed Land Rover Defender 130 leaks online

Earlier this March, we reported that Land Rover was supposedly developing a three-row version of the Defender. Dubbed the 'Defender 130', it will likely slot above the four-door '110' body style and could serve as the biggest version of the all-new SUV yet.

It will reportedly measure 5,105mm long which will make it 87mm longer than the 110 Series. Interestingly, the 3,022mm wheelbase of the 110 will supposedly be retained for the 130 Series. But does Land Rover plan on making it?

If these patent images are to be believed, it seems Land Rover is indeed serious about the three-row Defender. Based on the patent, the 130 Series' extra length will be added after the rear axle. With that, we won't be surprised if the Defender 130 can accommodate a total of 7 – 8 people.

Are these the first images of three-row Land Rover Defender? image

Due to the extended length, the 130 Series appears to have longer rear overhangs compared to the 110. As a result, it could affect the 130's capability to go off-road as 4x4 vehicles tend to do better in rugged terrain with shorter overhangs.

When it comes to styling, the 130 will have a similar design as the 90 and 110 body styles. From the distinct front fascia, round LED headlights, boxy exterior, vertical LED taillights, and stylish alloy wheels, the 130 might not look too different from the other body styles.

Engine choices for the supposed 130 Defender could also be similar to what Land Rover currently offers on their current lineup. These include a 3.0-liter 48V mild-hybrid inline-six that benefits from an electric supercharger and twin-scroll turbocharger. This setup puts out 400 PS with 550 Nm of torque and is coupled to an eight-speed automatic. The other engine is a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel inline-four that produces 240 PS with 430 Nm of torque. Like the inline-six, the diesel-powered Defender also comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Are these the first images of three-row Land Rover Defender? image

Land Rover has not announced whether the 130 Series is in development, or when it will be revealed. But if the patent images are real, then we might see the three-row Defender make its debut sometime next year or in early 2023.

Assuming Land Rover does launch the three-row Defender, would you consider it over the current 90 and 110 Series? Also, will Land Rover distributor Coventry Motors Corporation offer it locally? Let us know what you think in the comments.