Our roads may be free of one less problem if House Bill 5249 is signed into law, dilapidated and abandoned motor vehicles.

Pushed by AGRI party-list Rep. Delphine Gan Lee for priority status this year, the Abandoned Motor Vehicle Act of 2014 seeks to clean the clutter and obstruction caused by these vehicles that have been simply left to rot and rust by owners.

"Abandoned and derelict motor vehicles are nuisances. They obstruct the free flow of traffic on the street on which they lie abandoned.  They prevent the free ingress and egress of real property owners whey they are left unattended in front of driveways and gates. They prevent the free use of real property when they are dumped and abandoned on the same," Lee said.

According to Rep. Lee, aside from being a cause for traffic congestion, these 'abandoned' and/or 'derelic' vehicles may also inadvertently cause accidents especially at night.

An 'abandoned motor vehicle' as defined in the bill is a 'motor vehicle or trailer and its contents which has been left by the owner or some person acting for the owner with an automobile dealer, or any automobile repair facility for repair or for some other reason.'

It is considered 'derelict' if the vehicle has been left unattended on private property for not less than 2 days or on public property for not less than 3 days without any attempt by the owner to recover the vehicle including vehicles that are irreparably damaged or a condition that would require replacement of one or more major component or if it has sustained structural damage that affecting its safe operation.

A peace officer is tasked to inspect such vehicles in their area of responsibility and if left unattended by the roadside for five days are authorized to have the vehicle towed away.