Geely reveals Azkarra/Boyue using new energy storm design direction

There is no doubt that Geely is out to push the way they design cars forward. They're paving the way for Chinese automakers in the same manner that Kia Motors successfully revamped the image of Korean cars. Instead of producing cars that are cheaper, they want to build cars that customers actually want to be seen in.

If the latest design to come out of Hangzhou -the new version of the Boyue- is anything to go by, then that's exactly where Geely is headed.

Geely has just revealed the Boyue X, but what has us picking up our jaws from the floor is the front end. Instead of the Expanding Cosmos look that Geely has been using in their vehicles, the Boyue X is using a new "Energy Storm" design language that we first saw in the Geely Vision Starburst concept car a few months ago.

Boyue X: Geely Azkarra gets stunning starburst design image

The new-look is fronted by that drastically altered front aero bumper that uses a starbust grille in black. Instead of chrome, the rectangular grille is flanked by gray trim pieces that follow the outline of the foglamp cutouts. If anything, the new look is quite bold and somewhat reminiscent of the Dynamic Shield from Mitsubishi Motors.

Boyue X: Geely Azkarra gets stunning starburst design image

There is some orange on the foglamp cutouts, and that is mimicked on the side running boards as well. The orange trim gives a nice contrast with the bluish-gray body and the black wheels. There appears to be minimal chrome on the vehicle all around.

Boyue X: Geely Azkarra gets stunning starburst design image

The interior has likewise been revised, but more on using new color combinations rather than a full redesign of sorts. Black and light gray seem to be the order of the day for the Boyue X.

The reveal is significant because the Boyue is effectively the Chinese market name for the Azkarra, a model that has been in the Philippine market since early 2020. In Malaysia, the Azkarra/Boyue is marketed as the Proton X70 because Geely owns Proton.

Boyue X: Geely Azkarra gets stunning starburst design image

What we're unsure of right now is whether the look of the Boyue X will be carried over to the Azkarra as the next facelift of the vehicle. It is possible that this is just a special model that is meant to be the sport variant of the range with an exclusive look in the same way that, say, the Nissan Navara has the Pro 4X model.

But what we can be certain of is that Geely is aiming to push customer expectations when it comes to design, just like Kia.