Motorists traveling along the northbound direction of EDSA were greeted by heavier traffic this Monday morning. While some might have thought it was caused by a road accident or road repairs, the unusual bumper-to-bumper traffic was caused by a busted Manila Water pipe along EDSA-Bonifacio Avenue near Robinson's Pioneer.

The damaged pipe has been gushing out water since late last night (over nine hours at the time of writing). Because of that, a portion of EDSA-Bonifacio Avenue got flooded, causing the slower movement of traffic since this morning. But what caused the pipe to burst in the first place?

Supposedly, a contractor was preparing to put up new CCTV cameras near the area. They accidentally damaged the water pipe while digging, which resulted in the flooding and heavy traffic right now.

Broken Manila Water pipe turns EDSA into a river image

This freak accident is somehow similar to what happened in Marcos Highway back in February of this year. Several lanes along Marcos Highway near Antipolo City had to be closed to traffic after a newly installed water pipe burst during a hydro test. There were no injuries reported from the accident, but only one lane in each direction was available to motorists near Barangay Inarawan after the pipe burst.

With repairs still ongoing, and the pipe itself is yet to be shut off, northbound motorists will have to bear the heavy traffic near EDSA-Bonifacio Avenue. Let's hope that the MMDA and Manila Water will be able to fix the busted water pipe as soon as possible.