This is the Compact Cruiser EV by Toyota

By now, you have already seen Toyota's ambitious plan to make electric vehicles (EVs) available for every car buyer. Under the aptly named 'EVs for Everyone', Toyota, together with Lexus, revealed a total of 15 EV concepts (not counting the bZ4X also displayed).

From sedans, crossovers, SUVs, pick-up trucks, and even sports cars, Toyota and Lexus want to make every type of EV available to the market. But out of all the EVs, they revealed yesterday, there was one vehicle that immediately caught our attention.

Instead of a sleek and fluid design, this particular concept looks more macho and rugged.

Say hello to the Compact Cruiser EV, and it looks like a more modern-looking version of the current FJ. While details about it remain a mystery, it seems Toyota is keen on making an electric version of its boxy SUV.

Is Toyota working on an electric FJ Cruiser? image

There's not much to go on about the concept apart from the design. The Compact Cruiser EV gets a cool pair of LED headlights, along with a mean front bumper. It also has huge fender flares, black-colored door handles, aggressive alloy wheels wrapped in chunky all-terrain tires, and a wide hood scoop at the front. There are no pictures of the rear, but we expect it to look equally sleek.

Size-wise, it's smaller compared to the FJ Cruiser we have now. It also has four full-sized doors instead of a half-door to access the second row. Since it's an EV, Toyota could have cleverly packaged the batteries and electric motors underneath the Compact Cruiser EV's chassis.

The best part about the Compact Cruiser EV is that we will see a production model in the future. But with Toyota not yet showing pictures or videos of a working prototype, all we can do for now is wait until Toyota reveals more details about it.

Do you think the Compact Cruiser EV will be a worthy successor to the FJ Cruiser once it's officially out? Share your comments.