Toyota set to launch 2023 Innova Crysta with updated look

Earlier today, we reported that the all-new Toyota Innova Zenix is set to arrive in the country in Q3 of this year. But unlike the current Innova, the next-generation MPV will no longer be made in the Philippines (via complete knock-down [CKD]) and will instead likely be sourced from Indonesia. In fact, Toyota Motor Indonesia has started exporting the LHD models of the Innova Zenix to markets like Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

With the second-generation Innova set to be replaced later this year by the Innova Zenix, the body-on-frame, IMV-based workhorse is essentially living on borrowed time. But that doesn't mean it's no longer relevant. In the Indian market where the electrified MPV is also present and called the Innova Hycross, Toyota is set to reveal an updated version of the current Innova.

Called the 2023 Innova Crysta, the MPV will get a restyled front end along with turbo-diesel power under the hood. Beginning with the most obvious, the Innova Crysta gets a sporty new front bumper along with restyled corners that give it a fresh look. Rounding up the exterior changes include a front grille that looks like it was inspired by the Hilux and a new set of alloy wheels that round up the exterior changes.

Current-gen Toyota Innova gets another facelift for 2023 image

As mentioned earlier, the Innova Crysta comes with turbo-diesel power. But instead of the 1GD-FTV 2.8-liter inline-four, the Innova Crysta actually gets the slightly smaller 2.4-liter 2GD-FTV that's shared with the 4x2 Hilux. Official output figures are not yet available but it's highly likely it will put out the same 150 PS with 343 Nm of torque when mated to a manual gearbox. Speaking of gearboxes, Toyota says the MPV will come with a smooth manual transmission though we're not sure if it will have 5 or 6 speeds.

Once the 2023 Innova Crysta is officially launched, it will be on sale alongside the Innova Hycross. That means the Indian market can choose from the tried-and-tested IMV-based diesel power MPV or the new TNGA-based unibody MPV that's available with a hybrid powertrain.

With the current Innova set to live on for several more years in India, we can only hope that Toyota does not fully abandon the truck-based MPV for other markets as well.