It's hard to find good, scenic driving roads in the Philippines. A few years back, the Marilaque Highway leading up to Tanay, Rizal and beyond was the most common place to go for a short spirted drive on scenic mountain roads.

However, it has recently become a playground for motorcyclists (including reckless ones) due to its proximity to Metro Manila and has come under scrutiny from authorities. Thankfully, there's a new road north of Manila that could be one of the most scenic roads in the Philippines.

Called Daang Kalikasan (Nature's Highway), the upcoming road is located in Pangasinan that connects with Zambales. The 54-kilometer long road stretches from Mangatarem in Pangasinan all the way to Santa Cruz in Zambales. It cuts through several forests and mountains in the region, giving motorists an overview of the beautiful landscape. Motorists can even stop along the side of the road to take in much of Central Luzon's beauty.

Construction of Daang Kalikasan is expected to be completed in 2021 according to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). However, it is now partially opened to motorists in the area. Because of how scenic the road is, the highway is expected to bring in tourists from all over Luzon. It might be farther than Marilaque, but at least it's a new scenery paired with a new road.

There are countless other scenic roads in the Philippines in Visayas and Mindanao. But, is Daang Kalikasan the best one so far? Or, are there far better-undiscovered roads than this. Let us know what you guys think below.