Dodge's Never Lift plan will see the brand cater to both EVs and ICEs

We might have to say goodbye to Dodge's iconic muscle cars in a couple of years. With the automaker looking to embrace electrification, the company has supposedly decided to ax both the Charger and Challenger by 2024.

The news about Dodge planning to reveal EVs in the coming years doesn't come as a surprise. Earlier this year, Dodge already teased an electric muscle car ahead of its 2024 launch. However, Dodge will first reveal the concept version next year. But why did Dodge decide to discontinue two of its most popular models come 2024?

It's all part of the company's two-year plan called 'Never Lift'. Here, Dodge will have a series of product-related announcements that will cater to both the EV market and the company's diehard muscle car fans that are dedicated to keeping the internal combustion engine (ICE) alive.

Dodge to ax Challenger, Charger by 2024 for EV push image

To do this, the brand is set to launch new programs and services to appease both consumer bases. First up is the Dodge Power Broker which will be a network of dealerships certified to sell and service enthusiast vehicles that require high-performance parts. They will also host performance clinics and have a full lineup of performance models for test drives once the program rolls out on Dec 15.

Apart from that, Dodge will also be bringing back the Direct Connection performance parts brand. Dodge enthusiasts might remember this name when it was first launched back in 1974. Aside from factory-tuned parts, there will be tuner and stage kits so owners can legally modify their vehicles. Upgrades will include engine, suspension, and driveline parts.

Dodge to ax Challenger, Charger by 2024 for EV push image

As for Dodge's plans for greener vehicles, the company also plans to reveal a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). Details about it are still scarce, but Dodge did say that it will be a completely new nameplate. This means that it will not be related to an existing model like the Durango. Aside from an electric muscle car and a plug-in hybrid, Dodge is also set to show a third vehicle that will highlight the company's future.

With Dodge looking to please both muscle car enthusiasts, as well as the EV/hybrid market, something's got to give. And for Dodge to make their plan a reality, the Challenger and Charger will (sadly) have to go.

Source: Motortrend