1,088 PS M-Hero 917 by Dongfeng could debut at MIAS 2024

Earlier this year, Dongfeng Motor launched its passenger vehicles with Legado Motors Inc. The automaker initially launched a trio of vehicles which include two EVs and a hybrid. These are the Aeolus Huge Hybrid, the Forthing Friday EV, and the NANObox EV.

Dongfeng M Hero 917 image

Come next year, however, the automaker will expand its lineup with what could be its flagship EV offering. After making its global debut in Shanghai last April, the M-Hero 917 fully-electric SUV is set to arrive in the Philippines next year.

According to an insider who wishes anonymity, the M-Hero 917 is set to arrive sometime in Q2 2024. That means the go-anywhere EV could make an appearance at this Manila International Auto Show to make its presence felt. However, there’s no mention that the M-Hero 917 will be an official launch or a preview for the local market.

Dongfeng M Hero 917 image

As far as specifications are concerned, the M-Hero 917 is available with two powertrains. The first comes with four electric motors that generate a total system output of 1,088 PS along with 1,400 Nm of torque. It is then paired with a large capacity 140 kWh battery pack that Dongfeng claims gives it a range of around 505 kilometers.

The other variant gets three electric motors along with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine which serves as a generator. This one produces a more modest 816 PS and 1,050 Nm of torque. With a 66 kWh battery pack and the aforementioned turbocharged generator, this particular M-Hero 917 has a longer cruising range of around 800 kilometers.

Dongfeng M Hero 917 image

With the M-Hero 917 set to arrive in the Philippines next year, its distinct styling and impressive powertrain will surely attract plenty of attention. Do you think the M-Hero 917 will make sense in the Philippines? Let us know what you think.