Toyota Sports EV concept could be the electric MR2 successor

Toyota recently gave us a preview of their future EV lineup, showing they are going all-in on electric as well. There were a total of 16 vehicles on display, including the newly launched bZ4X – the brand's first mass-production EV. While most were concepts of future crossovers and sedans, there were a few models that caught our attention. This is one of them – the Sports EV.

Like all other models on display, Toyota did not disclose any details about the Sports EV concept apart from what it looks like. The name doesn't give any clues either; Sports EV doesn't exactly sound production-ready. Make no mistake, though, this will enter production in the near future. Instead, it made us wonder; could this low-slung sporty coupe be the highly anticipated MR2 successor? It might just be.

Are we looking at the Toyota MR2

If the badge on the bumper is anything to go on, the production-model Sports EV will be a proper GR model like the GR Yaris, GR 86, and the GR Supra. Its shape somewhat reminds us of the third-generation MR2/MR-S with its small proportions and slim vertical side intakes. While the live photo shows it with a roof, the render shows the EV sports car will be a targa-top model similar to the 1st and 2nd generation MR2. Unfortunately, no photos of the EV's rear end or the interior were provided.

Rumors of a new MR2 have been going around for quite some time now. As early as 2019, we managed to talk to Toyota Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada about the possibility of an MR2 successor. Specifically, Tada said he wanted to build it with Porsche given the chance. The German marque does make the very successful Cayman/Boxster, after all. While we did take his answer with a slight grain of salt, the reports of a Porsche-Toyota collaboration didn't end there.

Do you think the Sports EV will eventually become the MR2's electric successor? More importantly, will Toyota build it with Porsche? Remember, the German marque did say the next-generation Boxster and Cayman will be electric similar to the Sports EV. Whatever the case, we're excited Toyota isn't forgetting about enthusiasts even during their EV future.