2023 Mini Cooper SE Convertible limited to only 999 units

Mini is no stranger to making fun-to-drive hot hatchbacks and convertibles. They have been at it for several years. But what if we told you Mini is now also offering a fun topless vehicle that produces no emissions?

Aside from the all-electric Cooper SE which is only available as a hardtop (and set to arrive in PH soon), Mini has just revealed a droptop version of the electric vehicle (EV). Simply called the Mini Cooper SE Convertible, it serves as the soft-top version of the brand's fun-to-drive EV.

Enjoy the open road in 2023 Mini Cooper SE Convertible EV image

First revealed as a one-off last year, the Cooper SE Convertible combines the instantaneous power delivery of its hardtop counterpart with the fun aspect of driving topless without the guilt of emissions. In fact, Mini claims the Cooper SE Convertible is the world's locally emission-free premium convertible in the small car segment. In addition, the all-electric convertible highlights the brand's transition into a fully-electric car brand by 2025 and previews Mini's all-electric lineup for the next generation.

But don't expect to see plenty of the Cooper SE Convertible on the road, however. It will only be available in limited numbers according to Stefanie Wurst, Head of the Mini brand. In addition, the droptop Mini will only come in two distinct colors; Enigmatic Black and White Silver. Meanwhile, the door handles, side scuttles, and the surrounds of the front and rear lights will be painted Resolute Bronze. Last but not least, the Mini logos and model lettering are finished in Piano Black and are complemented by the now-familiar “E” logo to make it stand out from the regular ICE versions.

Enjoy the open road in 2023 Mini Cooper SE Convertible EV image

When it comes to operating the soft-top, Mini says that the textile roof can be deployed and retracted at speeds of up to 30 km/h.

“Three years ago we launched the all-electric Mini Cooper SE, and today one in five Mini sold in Europe is an all-electric Mini. This success has spurred us to implement the small series of the Mini Cooper SE Convertible within only a few months. I'm delighted that we can offer 999 Mini customers an extraordinary and exclusive open-air go-kart feeling,” said Wurst.

Enjoy the open road in 2023 Mini Cooper SE Convertible EV image

To further highlight the Cooper SE Convertible's eco-friendly nature, the automaker says its 17-inch cast alloy wheels are made of 100% secondary aluminum. Mini claims that the use of secondary aluminum greatly reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional manufacturing processes.

At the heart of the EV is the same high-efficiency electric motor found in the hardtop version. It makes 184 PS with 270 Nm of torque which allows the droptop to sprint from 0 – 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds. This makes the convertible 1.1 seconds slower to reach 100 km/h. This is not surprising given that droptops are marginally heavier due to the added rigidity needed to keep them safe on the road. In addition, the convertible's range is only rated at 201 km which is a significant drop compared to the hardtop that's estimated to have an average range of 235 to 270 km.

Enjoy the open road in 2023 Mini Cooper SE Convertible EV image

With only 999 examples set to be built in total, expect the Cooper SE Convertible to be a rare sight on the road. But with a limited range of just around 201 km, this particular Mini will most likely just go around cities instead of traveling long distances.