Have you been waiting to get your hands on Nissan’s latest SUV, the Terra?

You won’t have to wait much longer, as the first batch of units are on the way and on schedule for their release later this month. That’s the word from the president of Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI), Ramesh Narasimhan, when we asked him regarding the market response for their new SUV.

First 2000 units of Nissan Terra start to arrive in Philippines

The Nissan Terra is one of the year’s most awaited vehicles, especially in a market that receives 7-seat SUVs (or PPVs, to be more technical) with arms wide open. Last year three different PPVs (pick-up passenger vehicles) were in the top 10 of the best selling models in the country; the Fortuner was the number one vehicle outright.

The Nissan Philippines chief executive said that the demand for the Terra has exceeded their most optimistic expectations. Since Nissan began pre-selling the vehicle after the regional Asia and Oceania launch held at Clark, Pampanga, Nissan has garnered more than 2000 firm orders from their clients. 

But don't fret, Mr. Narasimhan said that they are more than prepared to meet the market demand, as the initial batch of the Nissan Terra will consist of over 2000 units. In fact, the units have already begun to arrive in the Philippines from Thailand where the Terra is manufactured.

First 2000 units of Nissan Terra start to arrive in Philippines

Nissan executives say that they will begin releasing the Terra to dealers nationwide by the third week of August. The dealerships will then contact their clients so they can get their new vehicles.