Raptor too wild? Consider the Ford Ranger Wildtrak X

The Ford Ranger perhaps has the widest variety of models you can choose from in the pickup market, on an international scale at least. You have single cab, dual cab, crew cab, two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and a whole load of styling options and variants. Now, there's another one and it's called the Wildtrak X.

As the name implies, the Wildtrak X is a more extreme (Xtreme?) version of the said variant. It sits below the Raptor, and they made it look more like a rock crawler than high-speed dune buster. So, what did Ford add?

Ford Ranger Wildtrak X is ready to take on the trail image

To give it more water wading capability, Ford added a factory snorkel mounted on the fender. This allows drivers to go beyond the standard 800 mm capacity in the Wildtrak. They also added a brush guard to protect the front bumper from trees and branches that might come the truck's way. Fender flares fitted to the Ranger then give it a wider stance. It's not just for show either as the Wildtrak X also comes with a bigger rim and tire combination with all-terrains mounted. The rim on the other hand is unique to this specific model. There's also Wildtrak X graphics on the doors and tailgate to complete the look.

Inside, it's mostly carried over from the standard Ranger Wildtrak. From the orange stitches on the doors and dashboard, to the Wildtrak stiching on back rests, it will all look familiar to current Ranger owners. Infotainment is also the same with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak X is ready to take on the trail image

Like the cabin, the engine is lifted from the top-spec variant. It's the 2.0-liter Bi-Turbo mill from the Raptor, meaning you get 213 PS and 500 Nm of torque. Since it's paired with that engine, the Wildtrak X is only available with four-wheel drive. It then shifts through a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak X is ready to take on the trail image

Odds of it coming here appear good. The Ranger one of Ford Philippines' top-selling models in the country, and we've seen special editions of the pick-up being offered here as well. Besides, the off-road crowd here is growing and it would be cool to see an off-road ready rig with factory warranty.