After 7 months of toll-free driving, Skyway 3 to start charging toll fees this July 12

For the past 7 months, motorists have been able to travel along Skyway 3 without having to pay any toll fees. But starting July 12 San Miguel Corporation (SMC) will begin collecting toll fees in the 18-km stretch of Skyway 3.

SMC made the announcement following the issuance of a Toll Operating Permit and Notice to Start Collecting Fee by the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) on Skyway 3. Through SMC Infrastructure, the company will post the final approved toll rates at the toll plaza prior to the start of the collection.

While this bit of news means motorists will no longer be able to travel along Skyway 3 toll-free, SMC president Ramon S. Ang said that they will charge lower rates starting next week. He added that the revised toll matrix (as approved by the TRB) takes into consideration the pandemic, its impact on the economy, and on Filipinos.

“We thank the TRB for helping us determine the most equitable toll rates for our motorists. We know from experience that times are hard for many, and even a little relief for motorists can go a long way. These toll rates reflect our deferral of the collection of a substantial amount of the cost to build Skyway 3. We also further lowered the rates for those traveling shorter distances,” said Ang.


Ang mentioned that the toll fees collected on Skyway 3 will be used by SMC to ensure continued operations, maintenance, as well as providing safe driving conditions on the elevated expressway. SMC, which fully funded the project with no government funds or guarantees, had spent over PHP 80 billion which is more than double its original cost in order to complete the project.

But how much would one need to pay when taking Skyway 3? Back in March 2021, the TRB approved the final toll rates for Skyway 3. Unlike the proposed toll fees issued back in January 2021, the approved toll fees are slightly lower.

For Class 1 vehicles taking Skyway 3 from Buendia to Sta. Mesa, the approved toll fee is PHP 105, PHP 5 lower than the PHP 110 SMC petitioned. Class 1 vehicles traveling from Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard to NLEX Balintawak, the toll fee at PHP 129, PHP 4 less than the petitioned PHP 133.

As for Class 1 vehicles traveling the full alignment of Skyway 3 (Buendia to NLEX Balintawak), the last approved toll fee that was supposedly approved is at PHP 264 – PHP 10 less than what SMC originally petitioned. For Class 2 and Class 3 vehicles, you need only to multiply the toll rates by 2 and by 3, respectively.

There has yet been no update if those toll fees are indeed final, but even then the variation will not be that much if ever. Now that they will start charging, it will be interesting to see how much traffic would change on EDSA and other roads. Are average motorists willing to shell out PHP 264 one-way, every day?