Beefed up Nissan Patrol Warrior teased for the first time

We already know that Nissan makes a more potent version of its flagship luxury SUV with the Patrol NISMO.

Not only does it look more aggressive, but it also gets a slightly more powerful 5.6-liter V8 that churns out 428 PS – which translates to an additional 23 PS. Torque remains the same, however, at 560 Nm. Other extras in the Patrol NISMO include lightweight 22-inch alloy wheels, carbon fiber trim pieces, NISMO-specific leather seats, a twin-tip exhaust, and a bespoke body kit for the flagship SUV.

But for those who actually want to take their Patrol SUV through the muddiest, rockiest, and most unforgiving terrains, they need something a bit more capable and rugged. Fortunately, Nissan is already preparing such a vehicle that will be able to pull it off.

From sketch to reality: Nissan reveals teaser images of Patrol Warrior image

After it was first previewed via a design sketch last May 2022, the automaker has released the first-ever teaser pictures of the Patrol Warrior. Built in collaboration with Australian engineering company Premcar, expect the Patrol Warrior to come with a host of upgrades to take on the road less traveled.

In fact, Premcar has confirmed that the Patrol Warrior will come with wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades that will give the SUV better ground clearance, better handling, as well as a wider stance. In addition, all of the Patrols will have a black “Warrior” badge, along with side-exit exhausts for a more menacing look.

From sketch to reality: Nissan reveals teaser images of Patrol Warrior image

While Nissan and Premcar have yet to fully reveal the Patrol Warrior, those who want to imagine what it will eventually look like need not look further than the Navara Pro-4X Warrior. Also done in collaboration with Nissan and Premcar, it gets a highly-modified chassis and exterior bodywork, chunky Cooper tires, a bright red bash bar to protect the engine and chassis components, as well as a tricked-out suspension system.

"I’m extremely excited to announce that a Nissan Patrol Warrior is coming, and I have no doubt that it will be a huge success. The Warrior program, our collaboration with Premcar, has already proven immensely popular in Australia, and a new version of the already hugely capable Nissan Patrol is a vehicle I, like many Australians, can’t wait to drive. Our collaboration with Premcar is all about developing vehicles that are perfectly suited to Australian customers and conditions," said Adam Paterson, Nissan Australia Managing Director.

From sketch to reality: Nissan reveals teaser images of Patrol Warrior image

No specific dates have been announced yet for the launch of the Nissan Patrol Warrior. However, expect the beefed-up SUV to make its debut before the year ends. While it may only be exclusive only to the Australian market, it could inspire Patrol owners all around the world to build their own version of a go-anywhere SUV.