Geely logs 6,104 units sold in PH

If you've been seeing a lot of Geely units on the road in the last few months and thought that it couldn't possibly be true, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Geely had an outstanding 2021.

After tallying their sales from January to December 2021, Geely distributor Sojitz G Auto Philipines (SGAP) has reported that they have sold a total of 6,104 units for the entire year. To put those numbers in perspective, that represents almost triple their sales figure from 2020 at 2,158 units for all three models.

Leading the way for Geely in the Philippine market was the Coolray with 3,221 units sold; that's actually more than their total sales for all three in 2020. Geely's little compact crossover is proving to be a hit in our market, so if the Coolray is starting to become a common sight, this is why.

Coming in second for Geely is the Okavango, another vehicle that is becoming quite a frequent sighting on our roads because this is a market that is quite receptive to seven-seaters. In 2021, Geely sold 2,562 units of the Okavango. In third is the larger Geely Azkarra crossover with 321 units sold.

The growth of Geely is unmistakably a testament to the effort they put into their vehicles, and it shows given how the vehicles are performing for their owners. We now expect Geely to be experiencing growing pains when it comes to after-sales (e.g. parts imports and service) but hopefully, they're working to improve these very important aspects of vehicle ownership.

And right now they are preparing to introduce their fourth model in the Philippines and based on the teasers they have been releasing, it's going to be the Emgrand subcompact sedan.

Here's an interesting observation though: given that all Okavango variants are technically mild hybrids, it could be the best-selling vehicle with hybrid technology in the Philippines in 2021. That would likely be the case unless the Corolla Cross Hybrid somehow overtook it. We'll have to wait for the numbers from everyone else to be sure.