When it comes to modified Porsches, tuning house Gemballa is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the market. Known for adding more power and putting a very aggressive aero design, the German tuning house will unveil their 3rd Generation – Porsche 911 Turbo based – Avalanche.

Originally introduced in 1985, the 930 Turbo based Avalanche officially put Gemballa on the map, when it comes to modified Porsches. Now, Gemballa has released first details regarding their upcoming Avalanche set to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Setting the Avalanche apart from a regular 911 Turbo, will be its power which is rated at 820PS, almost 300 more than standard. Meanwhile, torque is rated at a whopping 910Nm.

Gemballa releases first details of 820 horsepower Avalanche

Also know for their aggressive styling, Gemballa has matched the exterior to suit the up-rated performance figures the Avalanche boasts. The purple paint is matched with carbon fiber bits found all over along with more aggressive aero parts. A massive stack rear wing is expected to give the car the downforce it needs to keep the rear wheels planted at speed. Something peculiar on the Avalanche is the carbon fiber bulge on the hood considering the car is rear engined.

No details on what figures the Avalanche will produce but Gemballa CEO, Steffen Korbach, promises that the Gemballa Avalanche and Gemballa GTR 780 Evo-R have set new standards in performance and style, and are also set to break some records.