Another SUV with styling cues inspired by the Defender

Boxy SUVs seem to be the trend nowadays. In this year's Auto Shanghai, we've seen examples from Jetour and Dongfeng. More recently, Lexus did it with the all-new GX.

Now it's the turn of Great Wall Motors to add another boxy SUV to its lineup with the Haval Xianglong. And yes, its design gives off the impression of an interesting mashup between the first-generation Nissan X-Trail and the Land Rover Defender.


Haval Xianglong is another boxy SUV from the PRC image

According to reports, the Xianglong SUV is 4800 mm long, 1916 mm wide, 1822 mm tall, and has a 2738 mm wheelbase, which is very much in midsize SUV/crossover territory.

In terms of looks, the front end of the Xianglong SUV has that big Haval in its grille, plus circular headlights with square black surrounds that remind us of the Land Cruiser 60. Haval also equipped the front with a skid plate and a black lower bumper.

Haval Xianglong is another boxy SUV from the PRC image

Meanwhile, the black cladding continues along the side as well as the rear end. It features a full-size spare tire and four square taillights heavily inspired by the Land Rover Defender.

Photos of the interior are not yet available, but reports say the Xianglong will have a dual-screen setup for its dashboard, as well as controls for drive modes and off-road tech.

Haval Xianglong is another boxy SUV from the PRC image

As for its powertrain, the Haval Xianglong comes as a plug-in hybrid. According to reports, the entry-level models use a 1.5-liter motor complemented by a 94 PS electric motor up front and a 201 PS rear electric motor. Other specifications include a 1.5-liter turbo hybrid that has a more powerful 108 PS front electric motor.

So far, there are no official details about its all-electric range, but reports say it can reach up to 105 km in full electric mode.

The Haval Xianglong SUV is reportedly being offered only to the Chinese market, for now. But would it make sense for GWM to offer it here in the country? Let us know in the comments.