Can the Hyundai Casper take on the Suzuki S-Presso?

Remember when Hyundai first revealed the all-new Casper? Set to become the brand's smallest crossover yet, the micro-SUV not only looks cute, but it will serve as the stepping stone into owning a Hyundai crossover.

We already know what it looks like from the outside. But we have yet to see the interior, as well as the full specs and features...until now. After revealing the exterior images of the all-new Casper, Hyundai has released more details and images of their upcoming SUV.

Here are all the specs, features of 2022 Hyundai Casper image

Let's start with the dimensions. Measuring only 3595mm long, 1595mm wide, and 1575mm tall, it's not a big vehicle. However, that doesn't mean that the interior will be tight and cramped. Despite only having a 2.4-meter wheelbase, Hyundai made clever use of front seats by allowing them to fold flat. The feature allows drivers to store large items with relative ease while still making use of the rear seats.

Want to treat the Casper like a mini cargo vehicle? The rear seats can fold flat, which allows drivers to carry even more cargo. With both the front and rear seats folded, objects as long as 2057mm can fit inside the Casper. Overall, Hyundai says the Casper can carry 301 liters of luggage – provided the rear seats are slid forward and folded flat.

Here are all the specs, features of 2022 Hyundai Casper image

Besides having a flexible interior, Hyundai also made sure the Casper was equipped with high-tech features. It gets touchscreen infotainment, a fully digital instrument panel, automatic climate control, and several USB charging ports. For added safety, the Casper can also come with adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane-keeping assist, and a total of 7 airbags.

Under the hood, the Casper is available with two 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engines. The first one is a naturally-aspirated inline-three that makes 75 PS. The other engine is the slightly more powerful turbocharged three-cylinder which makes 100 PS. Power is then sent to a four-speed automatic transmission.

Here are all the specs, features of 2022 Hyundai Casper image

Hyundai is now accepting reservations for the all-new Casper in Korea. With a starting price of KRW 13,850,000 (or about PHP 590,375), it is set to be one of the brand's most affordable crossovers to do date. The tiny crossover will go on sale in Korea next month, with the Indian market set to follow.

Should Hyundai Philippines bring the Casper here? If they want to take on the likes of the Suzuki S-Presso, the Casper might give it a run for its money.