The Lexus RZ 450e is one good looking EV

Earlier this month, Lexus gave us a glimpse of their upcoming battery-electric crossover – the RZ. At the time, we only saw a few angles of the EV. One thing was certain, though, the RZ is a Lexus version of the Toyota bZ4X. At the time, the luxury brand did not say when the RZ will be officially revealed. However, it seems we've been given an early preview during Toyota's EV strategies presentation.

The RZ was unofficially revealed during Toyota president Akio Toyoda's presentation of the brand's EV future. Toyoda even test drove the electric Lexus crossover himself at Toyota's Shimoyama Test Course near Nagoya, Japan. If you watch the video above, he even gave a few comments about the EV, including how fast and exciting it is.

While the RZ in the video was still camouflaged, the official photos give us a better idea of what it looks like. The overall shape resembles the bZ4X and its Subaru twin – the Solterra. However, Lexus gave the EV a massive makeover up front. Specifically, the front end resembles the LF-Z concept Lexus revealed earlier this year. The spindle grille is now closed-off, and there are black trim pieces below the headlight that look like air intakes.


There are no official photos of the RZ's rear end, but the video does show it looks nearly identical to that of the LF-Z concept. Aside from the vents on the rear bumper, the highlight is the slim full-width LED taillight and integrated trunk spoiler. Similar to the rear, no photos of the RZ's interior have been provided. However, we can expect it to have the same level of luxury any other Lexus model will have to offer.

No details about the powertrain were mentioned, but Koji Sato, president of Lexus, says it will retain the Lexus Driving Signature. In addition, he adds that acceleration time will be in the low 2-second range and have a range of over 700 km. With that, it could use a different motor and battery setup over the bZ4X.

Lexus has yet to officially reveal the RZ in full. Hopefully, we'll know more once the EV crossover makes its official debut soon.