The most popular CR-V variant in PH to date is the 1.5 VX Turbo AWD

Two months ago, Honda Cars Philippines Inc (HCPI) launched the all-new 2024 CR-V. Now on its sixth generation, the popular crossover SUV is now available with an e:HEV hybrid powertrain or with a 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo engine. It’s also the first Honda model in the country to be available with Honda Connect which serves as an extra security blanket on top of Honda Sensing.

With a value-packed C-segment crossover on their hands, the new-generation CR-V is filled to the brim with features and has a more extensive list of standard equipment. However, it has also become more expensive than ever as it now has a starting price of PHP 2.1 million. Despite the higher price tag, some customers were quick to get their hands on the 2024 CR-V.

Honda Cars PH has sold nearly 400 units of 2024 CR-V image

During the drive of the all-new CR-V, HCPI General Manager Atty. Louie Soriano shared with us that since its launch, they have sold 380 units of the crossover SUV. And out of the units sold so far, they added that the most popular variant among customers is the mid-range 1.5 VX Turbo AWD. Meanwhile, the e:HEV version is the second most popular variant of the CR-V while the least popular model is the entry-level 1.5 V Turbo FWD.

Based on the company’s initial estimates last September, they were expecting the 1.5 Turbo models of the CR-V to take 70% of total sales while the e:HEV will only make up around 30%. Moreover, Honda also estimated that they will be able to shift around 300 units of the CR-V per month.

Honda Cars PH has sold nearly 400 units of 2024 CR-V image

But with less than 400 units sold since the 2024 CR-V was first revealed in the PH market, perhaps buyers are still weary of the crossover SUV’s higher price tag. In fact, the 1.5 V Turbo retails for PHP 2.1 million while the mid-grade 1.5 VX Turbo AWD is selling for PHP 2.28 million. Last but not least is the range-topping RS e:HEV which has a price tag of PHP 2.59 million.

With the holidays drawing closer, perhaps Honda will be able to sell more units of the all-new CR-V. In fact, they already have reserved slots for customers who ordered the e:HEV variant. Demand is slowly starting to pick up although Honda did say that they expect the 1.5 VX Turbo AWD to continue to be the preferred variant by interested buyers.