It's been nearly two months since we've been stuck inside our homes and some are getting anxious to finally step outside and enjoy the open road. But due to the pandemic, government and health officials aren't exactly encouraging the public to go out and enjoy everything just yet.

In these trying times, we can some times easily fall into a state of constant worry or anxiety. Despite having many devices and distractions available at our fingertips inside our homes, they can only do so much. Despite the Enhanced Community Quarantine set to be lifted this coming May 15, 2020, it'll be a while before things go back to the way they were.

But for Horacio Pagani, the man behind such cars like the Zonda and Huayra, there is one thing that can help us continue living and dreaming during this crisis; talking about the things we love.

Recently, Pagani posted a video wherein he talked about his passion for cars and how it has always kept him passionate and driven. Despite having to conform to what many call the 'new normal', Pagani said that we still have to continue living and keep aiming for our goals and dreams.

How a Porsche 917 and a Jaguar E-Type shaped Pagani

One particular example that Pagani claims always helps him, every morning at breakfast, Pagani always has a model of the Porsche 917 race car, along with a 917 mug. Every day he swaps between a different model or mug, which entertains him and reminds me of the things that keep him going.

“These are emotions that we can live and that are accessible to all of us, in one way or another,” said Pagani.

He also tells a story of how the classic Jaguar E-Type ultimately shaped his love and passion for cars. When Pagani was still a kid living in Casilda, Argentina, he would always chase after a wealthy gentleman and his 1963 E-Type. Pagani knew where he would park his car in the city, and he would just stare and look around the car for hours.

How a Porsche 917 and a Jaguar E-Type shaped Pagani

Eventually, Pagani was able to buy a die-cast model, and the car itself more than 25 years ago when he moved to Italy. But even though he was able to finally get a real E-Type in his garage, he actually loves the Bburago die-cast model he bought decades ago.

“When I have this model in my hands – in fact, I have it in my office – for me, it is the same feeling to hold the model in my hand. Because when I bought it, I used all the money I had – as it is to have the real car. It's not that having the real car doesn't generate a lot of emotions for me, I just love having this model,” added Pagani.

Check out the video and see just how Horacio Pagani learned to love cars at an early age and how it kept him motivated up to this day.