It appears Hyundai is really keen on further developing their mid-engine concept after the automaker arrived at this year’s Busan International Motor Show with the RM 16 concept. Short for Racing Midship 2016, the new concept car is the company’s successor to last year’s RM 15 concept and features improved technologies.

“RM models will continue to play an important role as the ‘rolling lab’ in the development of our future high-performance ‘N’ cars,” said Albert Biermann, Head of Hyundai Motor’s Vehicle Test & High Performance Development.

Rear quarter of the Hyundai RM 16 concept

Like the previous RM concepts, the RM 16 utilizes a lightweight aluminum spaceframe specifically designed for the concept. To further save on weight, the body panels are constructed out of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), allowing the car to be lighter than traditional all-steel vehicles.

In terms of design, Hyundai claimed it has improved aerodynamics as they followed the principal of form following function. It has a smooth hood design, slim headlights and a low slung grill with wider air intakes. The side relatively remains the same except for the addition of new alloy wheels and bigger side intakes. Rounding off the design tweaks are the larger taillights, dual exhaust pipes and a wide rear bumper.

Detailed tech on the Hyundai RM 16 concept

Driving the rear wheels is the familiar 2.0-liter T-GDI inline-four that is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The mid-mounted engine cranks out 300 PS along with 383 Nm of torque. Hyundai also stated that the concept car still has the 47:53 weight distribution from the previous RM concepts.

Other features installed on the RM 16 include: an electric supercharger to enhance engine power, electronic limited slip differential (E-LSD) and an automatically controlled rear spoiler that adjusts itself depending on driving conditions.

The Hyundai RM concept lineup

Enhancing the car’s aural tone, on the other hand, comes courtesy of the electronically variable exhaust system which delivers a signature sound during accelerating according to Hyundai.

There is no word yet if there will be future production model in the future, or will this be a precursor to an upcoming racecar or rally car.