Infiniti QX Monograph Concept highlights Japanese culture, new logo

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury arm, may only be sold in North America, China, and the Middle East, but its latest concept is a daring SUV chockful of Japanese-inspired features.

QX Monograph image

The QX Monograph Concept is a peek at the marque’s future design language. It has new signature elements like the illuminated three-dimensional emblem at the front, the evolved double-arched radiator grille and the latest interpretation of Infiniti's "digital piano key" lighting.

"We approach each INFINITI design from the perspective of an artwork, with the aim of evoking emotion and intrigue. The QX Monograph presented a sizable canvas for us to explore Infiniti's artistry at maximum scale and create something bold," said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of global design.

QX Monograph image

Despite going for a minimalist design, the QX Monograph Concept’s angular surface has straight, sharp lines and complex shapes that highlight its wide stance along with its large-profile wheels. Details about cabin amenities and the powertrain were not revealed.

What Infiniti highlighted are exterior features that take from various aspects of Japanese culture. They are the following:

  • The new body color is called "Akane," which takes after the Japanese sunset. It uses a six-layer structure to channel the appearance of a warm glowing red sunset as it transitions into a dark night sky. That is also the inspiration behind the geometric shapes of the concept’s body.
  • "Kabuku" is the concept Infiniti used on the nose. It shows in the separation of the main headlight assembly from the daytime running lights (DRLs).
  • The ‘digital piano keys’ in the daytime running lights and the panoramic roof use a "Kimono fold" pattern.
  • The inner grille mesh pattern takes after the organic shapes of a bamboo forest. It has a gloss black finish to complement the dark chrome surround of the large grille.

At the back of the QX Monograph are taillights that run the width of the body. It has a smoked finish that shrouds the inner housing to channel the look of reflection of light on water.

On top of all that, the QX Monograph Concept still has a trick up its sleeve. The front and rear LEDs deliver a "welcome" and "farewell" lighting sequence. Watch it in action below.

Infiniti takes the look of the QX series to the next level with the QX Monograph Concept. It blends Japanese history and culture with a minimalist yet futuristic design. We cannot wait to see which model gets it first.