MMPC has an approval for a passenger car with 2.4-liter engine

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is doing a stellar performance in the local market. Despite offering a very small model lineup when compared to industry leader Toyota, the Japanese manufacturer continues to be the best of the rest in terms of sales.

Now that most of its vehicles in the lineup are nearing the end of their model cycle, Mitsubishi is looking to revamp its offering in the country to maintain its strong position. We do know that the all-new Strada is coming along with the Montero Sport, and the 5-seater XFC Concept that's based on the Xpander is about to become a production-ready model. But as we found out, there could be another all-new model that Mitsubishi is looking to offer in the country.

Is Mitsubishi PH looking to offer all-new Outlander PHEV? image

We have spotted that MMPC received approval for a vehicle with a curb weight of 2225 kg and an engine with exact displacement of 2,360cc. Upon checking the numbers, we found out that the figures match that of the all-new Outlander PHEV.

Currently, the older third-generation model serves as the lone hybrid model being offered by Mitsubishi in the Philippines. They only started to sell the vehicle back in 2020, but the model itself has been around since 2013. An industry source has also pointed out that Mitsubishi is already exhausting the remaining stocks of the third-generation Outlander PHEV, which leads us to think they may be making space for the fourth-generation model.

With most manufacturers already offering the latest electrified vehicles with impressive range and power in the market, Mitsubishi could definitely use the new fourth-generation Outlander PHEV to remain competitive in the segment.

Is Mitsubishi PH looking to offer all-new Outlander PHEV? image

The fourth-generation Outlander PHEV was launched in Japan in 2021, and uses a more powerful motor and larger battery than its predecessor. Also, unlike the current-generation Outlander PHEV being sold in the country, the newer model is available in a 7-seat configuration.

As to when (or if) Mitsubishi PH will indeed launch the all-new Outlander PHEV is still anyone's guess. But given the timelines we've seen from Mitsubishi's global strategy, we may be looking at a probable 2024 launch.