Anonymous source says dealerships are no longer accepting reservations for Toyota FJ Cruiser

Yesterday, reported that the FJ Cruiser would be discontinued for the Saudi Arabian market. But instead of going quietly into the night, Toyota will be releasing a Final Edition to give the 4x4 a proper send-off. It will be limited to only 1,000 units and could look similar to the Final Edition Japan released in 2017.

With the FJ Cruiser set to ride off into the sunset in Saudi Arabia, does this mean the SUV is set to be axed elsewhere? We already know that Toyota stopped selling the FJ Cruiser in the US and in its home market. Curiously, however, the FJ Cruiser continues to be available in the Philippines as well as in other countries in the Middle East. We even wrote an article in 2020 about the SUV receiving a price increase despite being discontinued in other markets around the world.

Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser on its way out of the Philippine market? image

But just how long until the FJ Cruiser is removed from the Philippine lineup? According to a well-placed source, dealerships are no longer accepting FJ Cruiser reservations. While the vehicle is still on the company website with a suggested retail price of PHP 2,293,000, there are already little to no units available in the country.

With Toyota reportedly set to cease producing units of the FJ Cruiser by the end of 2022, it stands to reason that the 4x4 is living on borrowed time. Our source also mentioned that they believe there are no more new units of the FJ Cruiser coming to the Philippines since dealers are no longer accepting reservations from customers.

Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser on its way out of the Philippine market? image

If you're in the market for an FJ Cruiser before it's consigned to the history books, perhaps your best bet is to look for one in the second-hand market. But if you happen to chance upon a brand new unit at a dealership and it's the last one available, better get it as soon as possible before someone else gets their hands on it.

As to whether the FJ Cruiser will receive a successor, there is the possibility it could return as an electric vehicle (EV) since Toyota already released images of an FJ Cruiser-like concept called the Compact Cruiser EV. Let's just hope Toyota puts it into production soon.