Fans speculating over alleged leaked rear photos of the BMW M2

BMW has been testing out the next-generation M2 since last year. Recently, the Bavarian automaker dropped a teaser image of the all-new M2 albeit still covered in camouflage and confirmed that it will not be made in Germany and will instead be manufactured in Mexico.

Details of the vehicle are scant but there seems to be a leaked photo of the rear end of the famed coupe going around. Instagram user wilcoblok posted this on Instagram and it has been quickly picked up by the media. In the picture, we get a good look at the vehicle’s backside.

According to the post, the picture came from another Instagram user. He cited bmw_m_collector, a fan of the German car brand’s M line, as the source of the image. 

Could this be the rear of the BMW M2? image

As we see in the photo, the taillights appear to follow the shape of the older model’s rear lights. This is not the same as the narrow-themed styling of the bigger M3 and M4 models. The vertical reflectors remain as well as the quad tailpipes but these may be just tips as there is only a single visible muffler. Another noticeable change is the shape and LED graphics of the tail lamps.

The M2's design has been leaked earlier online and the photos mainly show the front part of the car.  It reveals a squared-off grille and intakes on the corner of the compact coupe.

The final version of the car will debut at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed where the German car manufacturer will also debut the M3 Touring alongside the already revealed M4 CSL.