Isuzu is starting to switch to solar power for factory use

The move from petrol to electric is what the global and local auto industries are aiming to do. But when it comes to sustainability for the workplace, the aim is to go renewable.

This is the goal of Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC). During its 25th inaugural anniversary celebration as the company announced a major shift when it comes to sourcing its energy needs at the factory in Binan, Laguna.

Isuzu PH is powering up with solar energy image

Isuzu Philippines is reducing its carbon footprint by sourcing more power from the solar farms in Pampanga and Bataan and reducing its reliance on traditional sources. These farms harness the power of the sun and store it for industrial or commercial use. If you've traveled north of Metro Manila lately, you may have seen one along NLEX northbound near the SCTEX exit.

Traditionally, major companies get their electricity from power plants which mostly burn fossil fuels like coal and emit harmful gasses in the process, but there has been an awareness of new sources in hydro, geothermal, and now solar.

Isuzu PH is powering up with solar energy image

Isuzu says that by sourcing their energy from these farms, the carbon footprint of their plant has decreased by 855 tons of carbon dioxide. This gas is one of the key contributors to global warming. By 2050, they aim to decrease their footprint by 50,000 tons of CO2.

Isuzu PH is powering up with solar energy image

But it is not just with the sourcing of energy that Isuzu aims to make changes to, but with actual generation. The company is not only going to look for sustainable energy sources but will also generate the power themselves by converting available spaces in their plants to farm solar energy. They are in the process of installing solar panels at their expansive facility in Laguna to do so. With this move, it will cover an estimated 22% of IPC's energy needs and the end goal is to have a business that is sustainable.

With the technology available now, Isuzu wants to bring green consciousness to their business. This will also extend to their vehicles, promoting the sustainability and eco-friendly business practices the world needs now.