Jay Leno says he is doing alright and will need time to recover

Automotive enthusiast and comedian Jay Leno reportedly suffered serious burns to his face after a fire occurred in his garage in Los Angeles.

According to a report by TMZ, Leno was in his Burbank garage when the incident happened. Supposedly, one of his cars burst into flames without warning and burned the left side of his face. It’s still unclear how serious his injuries were although the flames did not damage Leno’s ears or eyes. He sought treatment at the burn ward of the Grossman Burn Center in California.

In another report by Variety, Jay Leno confirmed to the publication that he has indeed suffered serious burns from a gasoline fire. However, he shared that he is doing alright and that he just needs time to recover.

“I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet,” said Leno to Variety.

Jay Leno suffers serious burns after freak garage accident image

Leno was originally scheduled to make an appearance at a Las Vegas financial conference over the weekend. Due to his burns, Leno had to cancel his appearance. His injuries were not yet disclosed at the time of Leno’s cancellation.

While he may be known around the world for hosting "The Tonight Show" for over 20 years (1992 to 2014), he is also known as an avid car enthusiast and collector. He has over 180 different cars from various generations and brands, including over 160 motorcycles in his personal collection. From the humble Ford Model T to the extremely cool McLaren P1, Leno appreciates almost anything with wheels and a motor.

After moving on from The Tonight Show, Leno started his own YouTube Channel called Jay Leno’s Garage. He also has a show on CNBC with a similar name which finished its 7th season last 2021.

We wish Jay Leno a speedy recovery.

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