Single and dual motor variants confirmed

A few months ago, MG displayed a pre-production version of the Cyberster in London – marking their return to building roadsters. Now that the brand is closer to launching the final production model of their all-electric roadster, a few important details have surfaced online.

Before any vehicle is launched in China where MG's parent company SAIC is based, they have to submit the official specifications to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Leaked: MG Cyberster EV has 536 HP, dual motor setup image

Since these are considered public documents over at PRC, it was revealed that the MG Cyberster will have two powertrain options – the base will be a single motor, rear-wheel-drive setup while the top-spec model will have a dual motor, all-wheel-drive configuration.

The former produces 310 HP, while the top-spec model will combine a more powerful 335 HP rear electric motor with a 201 HP front electric motor. As a result, power figures are 536 HP and a whopping 727 Nm of torque. This makes the Cyberster EV the most powerful production roadster MG has ever made.

Furthermore, both variants will have a 77 kWh battery pack as standard, giving the MG Cyberster EV up to 579 km of range based on the China light-duty vehicle test cycle.

Leaked: MG Cyberster EV has 536 HP, dual motor setup image

In terms of performance, documents say the all-wheel-drive version can reach 100 km/h in under 3 seconds, which is supercar territory. However, with the Cyberster tipping the scales at 1,984 kg, it remains to be seen if MG's roadster will be as solid on a straight line as it is in the corners.

Pricing and other official equipment lists are yet to be confirmed. For now, what we know is MG will launch the Cyberster EV in the UK market by 2024. There's also no news yet if MG will offer the roadster in the country. However, since MG is intent on bringing EVs to the market when SAIC took over Philippine operations, the Cyberster coming to PH could be a possibility.