For the past couple of weeks, Lego has been brewing up something that involves the James Bond franchise. However, a Hungarian branch of the toy company jumped the gun on its official launch. Now we (and the rest of the world) know what's in store.

Lego's next kit will be none other than Bond's own Aston Martin DB5. Yes, the iconic grand tourer will come soon in Lego form and, needless to say, the company has been given the license to build these kits. Before Lego Hungary took down the page, retail prices were shown at 152.80 Euros, which is about Php 9,500, at current exchange rates.

The Bond DB5 will be part of the Creator Expert series meaning the kit is aimed towards the more experienced Lego builder. Some of the cars part of this line include the Ferrari F40, Mini Cooper (the classic one), Volkswagen T1 Transporter and the original Beetle. What makes the Creator Expert line special is a fully interactive interior for the cars. For now, there are no photos of the completed model just yet but we're expecting pretty neat features when it comes out.

With that, it seems likely that the Bond DB5 might just come with some of the gadgets the (fictional) spy used in the series. It is possible that we'll see stuff like revolving license plates, front-mounted machine guns, a rear-mounted bullet-proof shield, tire slashers, and ejector seat, to name a few. Smoke screen and oil slick might not be on the cards, however.