ASec. Mendoza issues memo to release plates within 2 months

In a July interview with Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II, 60 days will be given for license plates to be claimed by their respective owners. If plates are not claimed within the specified time period, owners may face some sanctions from the agency.

This was clarified later, by the LTO chief himself, that the 60-day deadline was intended for the agency’s officials, as well as dealers of vehicles and motorcycles, to release both new and replacement license plates to their owners.

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“In order to set the record straight, the 60-day deadline to get the unclaimed license plates is not for the motor vehicle owners. It is actually a directive to all our Regional Directors, District Chiefs, Offices, and Extension Offices to find the best ways to properly and efficiently distribute the unclaimed license plates within 60 days,” said ASec. Mendoza.

The memorandum dated August 3, 2023, states four directives that LTO officials, as well as dealers, should comply with.

Report action plan on how to release plates

The LTO Chief has directed agency officials to submit a report within seven days (from the date of the memo) on how they plan to distribute the license plates to vehicle owners, both new and replacement.

Information drive

All agency offices must conduct an information drive to inform clients that they have to check the availability of the license plates via This information drive must also be carried out by both vehicle and motorcycle dealers.

Release plates within 60 days

From August 3, 2023, LTO District Offices, extension offices, and all concerned departments have 60 days to distribute all the license plates (new and replacement) that are in their possession to the actual legal owner or to the actual and legal possessor of the vehicle or motorcycle by virtue of sale or transfer of ownership.

If there are still undelivered/unclaimed license plates after the 60-day deadline, concerned LTO officers, departments, as well as dealers are required to submit a report directly to ASec. Mendoza, that includes a recommendation on how to distribute or release those unclaimed license plates.

Look: memo mandates release of new/replacement plates within 60 days image

According to LTO, non-compliance will be met with appropriate sanctions and penalties under existing laws and regulations.

With this memo, some questions were raised by motorists: "Will 60 days be enough for these license plates to be distributed?" "In this day and age, why can’t the LTO instead set up a system similar to ordering a PSA birth certificate online, where the requested document will be mailed and received by the owner after a few days?"

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