LTO aims to expand PMVIC network

If there’s one (big) issue the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has to iron out, it’s the Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVICs) system.

The LTO originally planned to make vehicle inspection at PMVICs mandatory, but the Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade ordered the LTO to suspend it after the PMVIC was met with criticism.

While the suspension has been welcomed by vehicle motorists, it doesn’t exactly bode well for those that have invested in starting and operating a PMVIC. Despite this setback, however, the LTO continues to invite new applicants that wish to put up their own PMVIC.

Despite PMVIC issues, LTO invites new applicants image

In a recent advisory, the LTO announced that they’re now accepting new applications PMVICs. The agency even put up a guideline for all interested applicants and listed all the required documents that are required for those planning to apply.

The DOTr and LTO still plan to make PMVIC testing the standard for the future, but the nationwide coverage is not enough. The LTO did issue a notice that only Motor Vehicle Inspection Reports (MVIRs) from PMVICs within their Geographical Area of Responsibility (GAOR) will be accepted. For example, an LTO District Office in Pampanga will not be able to accept an MVISR from a PMVIC in Bulacan, and vice versa.

Despite PMVIC issues, LTO invites new applicants image

But given the current issue surrounding PMVICs, it might be a harder sell to investors especially since PMVIC inspection continues to be optional; meaning motorists that wish to renew their motor vehicle registration can choose to go to a private emissions testing center (PETC) instead of a PMVIC.

Given the PMVIC situation now, would you invest if you had the funding?